Salt in Wounds Tabletop Setting for 5th Edition & Pathfinder

Created by J.M. Perkins

Salt in Wounds Tabletop Setting for 5th Edition & Pathfinder
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A gore splattered, dark fantasy setting for 5th Edition and Pathfinder rules.

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Latest Updates from Our Project:

Carving up the Tarrasque Released - January Recap
23 days ago – Thu, Feb 01, 2018 at 08:17:09 PM

Hello all you awesome Salt in Wounds Backers!  

January was pretty great; we had a bunch of peeps join last minute via backerkit. I published a bunch of fiction about the Salt in Wounds iconics over at, locked surveys and collected backerkit funds, released the rough draft of the first section of the Campaign Setting guide in the playtest folder for your perusal – I hope to have the rest (section 2 and beyond) as well as a draft to my editor within a week. Carving the Tarrasque: Crafting and Alchemy Supplement has been disbursed to backers (Marrow Miners and up) and is awaiting approval by RPGNow. I just spoke to the incredible Rich Howard (aka @umbralwalker ) who is handling the 5e conversion of 'Carving' and he’s enjoying the process and should have a draft to me shortly.  

Quick note; I thought I had to close Backerkit orders in order to lock surveys but it turns out that I don’t, and so while I’m done promoting it I’m going to turn the backerkit order option into a proper storefront since it’s actually a better percentage than selling the same books via RPGNow. What do you want to see 

Jeffrey Chen design next?  

  • Salt in Wounds Flag  
  • Rune Enslave Stone Giant  
  • Ledgerman Monster

Backerkit Ending! Tabletop Babble Appearance, New Iconic Fiction,
about 1 month ago – Tue, Jan 23, 2018 at 12:31:29 AM

Hey All;

Just a quick extra update.

First and most important BACKERKIT IS ENDING SATURDAY THE 27TH. That means, this week is your LAST CHANCE to increase your pledge, update your pledge, order Add-ons or correct your contact details. I sent a reminder email to everyone who hasn't done their surveys yet (which is very few frankly). Login to your account here to confirm everything looks good.

Along with Neal Powell, I appeared on the awesome show 'Tabletop Babble' talking Salt in Wounds and world building, check it out here.

Lastly, I'm still posting about the Salt in Wounds iconics over at - most recently about Mayvin Primordial Bloodline Sorceror.

Anyway, that's all for now; next update on the 1st of Feb.

More Iconic Goodness, Reward Checklist, and More Release Schedule Details
about 1 month ago – Mon, Jan 15, 2018 at 11:35:52 PM

Hey All;

Mostly, this month has been working on the campaign setting guide & releasing the iconic images and associated fiction (which are all being published on So far, we've done the iconic cleric, rogue, and commoner. If you ever wanted a sense of style and type of story I'm setting up the setting for, the posts are a good example.

Here's some art teaser for another iconic which will be posted about later this month.

I'm on track for my updated release schedule, which means (most) of you have 'Carving up the Tarrasque: Crafting and Alchemy' supplement for Pathfinder hitting your inbox this month (also, this is your last chance to up your pledge on backerkit if you want to ensure you're getting all the SiW supplements).

As I mentioned, here's a table breaking down what rewards you get for which pledge levels (sorry about the potato quality, I've been spending my time making other things pretty) followed by some more detailed release info/expectations in one handy dandy place.

Later skaters - back to the word/game mechanic mines with me! 

Delivery Date Expectations  

Playtest Access KS November 2016 Backerkit Januuary 2018  

Design Notes Essay Collection Delivered December 2016 for KS backers, January 2018 for Backerkit  

The Adequate Commoner Delivered December 2016 for KS Backers, January 2018 for Backerkit  

The Alchemist 5e Delivered December 2016 for KS Backers, January 2018 for Backerkit  

Corruption of the Tarrasque: Mutation Supplement (Both Versions) Delivered Auguest 2017 for KS Backers, January 2018 for Backerkit Backers  

Carving up the Tarrasque: Crafting & Alchemy Supplement PF January 2018 5e February 2018  

Salt in Wounds Campaign Setting Guide (Digital) 5e March 2018 PF April 2018  

Salt in Wounds Campaign Setting Guide (Physical) 5e May 2018 PF June 2018  

Salt in Wounds Player’s Guide 5e July 2018 PF August 2018  

Digital & Physical Swag September 2018  

Alchemy & Intrigue Along the Red River Module PF October 2018 5e November 2018

Stretch Goals TBD Thereafter  

List of Stretch Goals  

Laboratory of Dr Mundacri Module, Salt in Wounds Bestiary, Heartsblood Marsh Map Tiles, Heartsblood Marsh Supplement, Capcaps Map Tiles, Capcaps Megadungeon, Salt in Wounds Adventure Path

Salt in Wounds Iconic Cleric - Yurin Silvernei: Devotee of Macinfex, God of Butchers
about 2 months ago – Fri, Jan 05, 2018 at 05:34:19 PM

 Yurin Silvenei sat on the towertop. He greeted the morning by miming the ceremonial movements of his faith sharpening his pairing knives & cleaver. Below, beyond, the city stretched out in its leagues… waking now and just beginning to shake the sleep dust out of the corners of its eyes (not that the city, nor the bounty at its heart, ever truly slept). Merchants hauled out their wares to their stalls -many ritually counting their stacks- to ask for blessings upon their day.  

The gates of the fortress Salzinwuun below him opened to allow for the changing of shifts, granting admittance to the next crew of God-Butchers who chose to sleep in the city at large rather than their order’s barracks. The rich copper smell of blood filled Yurin’s nostrils (they must have opened a vein he mused). Idly, he considered the dangers he might face before turning his mind to gratitude as was proper – he loved his city and said aloud the prayer of thankfulness for the bounty of god that had delivered so much to so many.  

“Flea!” came the cry from below, echoing from near the beast’s flesh and ending several stories below Yurin. A two hundred pound insect landed on the ground. God-Butchers drew their weapons and approached cautiously while lesser laborers and a handful of merchants fled, scattering.  

From atop his tower, Yurin raised the implements of his faith to the sky, calling on Macinfex to bless the mortal butchers below. He knew from long experience, from a hundred battles with the unclean carrion feeders that first and foremost he’d need to keep the men and women alive – only after securing them would he move to calling down aggressive, disruptive magic.  

Besides, the day was only just beginning and he’d need to conserve his strength.

Updated Production Timeline - Happy New Year
about 2 months ago – Tue, Jan 02, 2018 at 12:46:01 AM

Hey all you lovely backers!  

I’ve been playing with the idea that ‘where you are on New Years is where you’ll be the rest of the year.’ 

On New Years day 2017, I was nervous, daunted by the scale of the Salt in Wounds project, already feeling flustered about my deadlines (and more than a little hungover).

For New Years day 2018, I’ve got my writing schedule set, I’m feeling confident and happy, and after working extensively with project manager Neal Powell over the last few months, I’m ready to issue some new productions commitments for 2018. Moving forward, I want things to have actual due dates not simply ‘I think I’ll do this in this month.’  

So here are my commitments for 2018  

  • Inbox 0 every week (this includes my KS mailbox but if possible email me instead)
  • Back to a twice a month update schedule
  • Publish all the Salt in Wounds Iconic characters with reference images and fiction (Ongoing, Between January 2nd and January 20th)
  • Reward Checklist Document (Handy Reference for which rewards you’re getting due to your reward level) released January 15th
  • Final pre-order push January 2nd through January 27th (Preorders will be closed thereafter)
  • Backerkit closed by January 28th
  • Carving up the Tarrasque: Alchemy & Crafting Supplement (PF) Released January 30th  
  • Carving up the Tarrasque: Alchemy & Crafting Supplement (5e) Released Febuary 27th  
  • The Salt in Wounds Campaign Setting Guide (5e) Released March 29th
  • The Salt in Wounds Campaign Setting Guide (PF) Released April 29th
  • The Salt in Wounds Campaign Setting (Physical Copy 5e) Shipped by May 29th
  • The Salt in Wounds Campaign Setting Guide (Physical Copy PF) Shipped by June 29th 

Here’s some new art from Jeffrey Chen, what will eventually be the cover for the Player’s Guide.

I’ve never stopped working to make this project the best it could be, and I’ve never stopped feeling grateful for all of you taking a chance on me. There’s been ups and downs in this work; I’ve been challenged and faced setbacks like never before; but I’m proud of my work, and I know you’re going to love the project you made possible.

Thank you all for backing, and have a happy New Year.